Stop the Stealing

Papua New Guinea is not a poor country. We have vast natural resources and are an able and hardworking people. We should be able to provide everyone with access to good health and education services and good roads.

But vast sums of money are being stolen every year by people who abuse their positions of trust - whether in government, the public services or private companies. This is money that should be spent on health services, schools and roads. 

The government has promised an Independent Commission Against Corruption, which ACT NOW! supports, but the government is still wasting vast sums of public money on projects like the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) and Experimental Seabed Mining.

Mothers and babies are dying and children are struggling to get an education - we have to act to help them. ACT NOW! members are determined to TAKE ACTION to stop the stealing and build a better PNG.

ACT NOW! is campaigning to:

You can read more about these and other issues below.


Finance Department Commission of Inquiry

A Commission of Inquiry into the Department of Finance was conducted from 2006 until 2009 following widespread reports of corruption and mismanagement. The Commission report was presented in Parliament on March 5, 2010.

The Commission report details how the Finance Department paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in sham compensation claims.

The Commission recommended more than 50 people including lawyers, senior bureaucrats and businessmen be referred for criminal prosecution.

Fot three years, from March 2010 until November 2013, a court injunction obtained by Paul Paraka, a prominent lawyer, and Zacchary Gelu, a former Solicitor General, prevented the publication and implementation of the Commission findings.

The injunction was finally lifted on November 29, 2013.

Since then no steps have been taken to implement the Commission recommendations, prosecute any of the individuals implicated or recover any of the money.

A copy of the Commission of Inquiry report is available here.

Anti Corruption Agency (ICAC)

ACT NOW! is campaigning for the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Currently PNG does not have a dedicated anti-corruption agency and the existing institutions, the Royal PNG Police and the Ombudsman Commission, have failed to tackle white-collar crime.

PNG’s attempts to establish an ICAC go back more than a decade. A draft ICAC Bill was first developed in 1997, but a lack of political support meant it was not passed by Parliament. In 2011, the Government developed new draft legislation to establish an ICAC. However, that legislation was not even tabled in Parliament.

Recently the government has responded to public pressure and announced plans to establish an ICAC. In June 2013 the government released a set of consultation documents and ACT NOW! responded to the call for public submissions (see below).

Act Now_Final Submission_ICAC_June2013.pdf257.45 KB

Port Moresby Super Hospital

SUCCESS!    The government has announced it will not be pursuing plans for a controversial publicly funded "Super Hospital" in Port Moresby. The hospital was to provide private beds for the wealthy while most Papua New Guineans lack access to even the most basic health services.  

ACT NOW! had actively campaigned against the plans for the hospital on its website and independent blogs.

More about the proposed hospital

The government’s proposed Pacific Medical Centre would have been another extravagant waste of public funds and diverted money and other resources from front-line medical care.

Although Michael Somare bowed to public pressure in November 2010 and said no public money should be used to build the hospital, Health Minister Sasa Zibe and his team are still pressed ahead with the project until being removed from power in July 2011.

Plans for the K500 million super-hospital, to be build as a public/private partnership at Bautama outside Port Moresby, were first announced in February 2010, although the National Executive Council had already committed K20 million to kick-start the project in November 2009.

The previous government promoted the project as ‘the nations first world class fully serviced hospital and on of Asia-Pacific regions leading centres of excellence in providing first rate health care services and medical education’ but there are many solid reasons why the public rejected the proposed PMC. 

These included:

  1. It was the wrong priority
  2. It was an extravagance we can't afford
  3. It would divert funds from other health care facilities
  4. It would be inaccessible to most people
  5. The money was needed for staffing not infrastructure
  6. It would take staff away from front-line services
  7. There was a complete lack of transparency about the project
  8. It was opposed by health professionals

To find out more download our PMC Factsheet.

PMC Factsheet.pdf116.96 KB


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