Please help stop an environmental and human rights disaster

Two million hectares of forest are being clear-felled within Special-purpose agriculture lease areas despite gowing evidence the leases and the logging are totally illegal and cause irreversible environmental damage.

Please send emails to Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, and Deputy Prime Minister and Forest Minister, Belden Namah, calling on them to suspend the logging until on-going investigations have been completed.

An existing Commission of Inquiry into the leases has already uncovered systemic problems including fraud, forgery and a failure to secure the informed consent of traditional owners. [1]

But the leases have been used to secure Forest Clearance Authorities that allow the clear-felling of 2 million hectares of forest within the lease areas.

If the leases are unlawful because proper processes have not been followed and traditional owners have not given their informed consent, then the logging is also illegal.

Traditional landowners are mounting their own protests against the logging but they need your help as their protests are being met with violence [2].

The term for the Commission of Inquiry has just been extended by 5 months [3] to allow a full investigation of all the issues and regional hearings - but while the Commission process grinds on the logging is continuing unabated, causing irreversable environmental damage, mounting community tensions [4] and human rights abuses [5]. 

The government must immediately suspend all Forest Clearance Authorities until the Commission of Inquiry has been completed and its recommendations implemented.


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