Finance Department Commission of Inquiry

A Commission of Inquiry into the Department of Finance was conducted from 2006 until 2009. The Commission report was presented in Parliament in April 2010.

We cannot tell you what the finding of the Commission of Inquiry were as Paul Paraka, a prominent lawyer, and Zacchary Gelu, a former Solicitor General, have a court injunction that stops publication and implementation of the findings.

Despite the injunction though, details of those findings have been appearing in the foreign media. Two prominent stories have appeared in The Australian newspaper and several blog sites including pngexposed and wakeuppng, have published parts of the Commission report and details of some of the scams and those involved.

ACT NOW! members and the wider general public are entitled to be sceptical when they fund a three year Commission of Inquiry process only to have the findings locked away by the courts on the application of those who perhaps have most to hide and nobody is prepared to challenge the decision.

Lets hope that the injunction is soon lifted and those responsible for the alleged theft of public monies are brought to justice.

In the meantime, the fortunate few with access to the internet can read about the shocking crimes allegedly carried out by some of our most senior lawyers and public servants on those overseas blog sites.

3 comments on "Finance Department Commission of Inquiry"

Anonymous said on Sat, 14/08/2010 - 07:58:
There have been many comments on to take their copy of the report and put it on They gave lame excuses in return. Putting the whole report on Wikileaks will lead to far more Papua New Guineans ever reading it than if it is 'published' by the government. Reason being that so few copies are printed and they would be very hard to get. So stop blaming government inaction for the logjam and realise that it is the so called anti-corruption people themselves that are now at the root of the problem. Until you find some way to get the document on Wikileaks, expect the finger of blame to be pointed directly at youse, the so called anti-corruption fighters.
Anonymous said on Fri, 10/09/2010 - 17:31:
The full Commission of Inquiry report is now available at PNGExposed -
Anonymous said on Fri, 10/09/2010 - 16:25:
Anti-corruption people at the "root" of the problem? What problem are you referring to? Is it the problem of obtaining/sharing copies; or the problem of corruption outlined in this article?