Pacific Says No to Seabed Mining

The world's first seabed mine, Solwara 1, scheduled to start in PNG in 2018, has been successfully defeated.
But the threat of other new mines, in PNG and elsewhere in the Pacific, remains.
Giant robotic machines will tear up the seabed and crushed rock will be sucked up to the surface.
The environmental impacts are unknown and local people, who depend on the sea, are being denied a voice.
ACT NOW! is campaigning for a moratorium on any new seabed mining

Nautilus Minerals and the government claim there are no landholders who will be affected by the mining but local communities disagree
Experimental seabed mining will involve open cut strip mining of the sea floor and raises serious environmental concerns
Proposed experimental seabed mining in the Pacific will breach the well-established international law concept known as the precautionary principle