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Get Involved

You are reading this because you want to volunteer with ACT NOW! Thank you and welcome to a community of active thinkers and doers. Continue reading to find the answer to questions like ‘how do I volunteer?’ or ‘what can I do?’ 

The ideas below are about how to get started and become an active participant in the movement for change. But, this is not a binding, set-in-stone kind of a list, it is an evolving set of ideas that you yourself can adapt or add too.

If you have a fantastic, earth-shattering kind of an idea, and you can make it work then go ahead with it. As long as it sticks to the issues, is non-violent and doesn’t involve a defamation suit it’s fine. You can always run it past us if you are not sure.


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Create, Share, Organise

Create content that promotes new thinking:

  • Memes to circulate on the internet.
  • Infographics that present hard facts in an appealing manner.
  • Videos
  • Blogs.
  • Podcasts.
  • Technology (code, analyse data, UX design, develop apps).

Share content to spread new thinking.

  • Blogs/ articles.
  • Memes.
  • Petitions.
  • Videos.
  • Graphics.

Organise to add strength to new thinking.

  • Meet up with other like minded people to share and organise.
  • Join a local protest or organize one.
  • Start a campaign on a local issue. 

Other tasks

  • Join discussions on relevant issues on ACT NOW! social media.
  • Participate in discussion with other community members.
  • Help translate blogs, reports or any other content to different languages.
  • Spread the word on networks like Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit. Or share what’s being discussed in these forums.
  • Pitch stories to mainstream media, phone in to talk-back radio or write to the newspapers
  • Donate or fundraise for specific projects
  • Watch-out for new content online.


Videos:   Our ACT NOW! YouTube channel 

Articles and research material:   ACT NOW! Blog   |   ACT NOW! Campaigns   |   ACT NOW! Publications 

Social media:   Join us on   Facebook   and   Twitter