AML Risk Alert - Giant Kingdom Group

Anti-Money Laundering Risk Alert documents the body of evidence linking Malaysian logging conglomerate, Giant Kingdom Group, to forestry crime in Papua New Guinea. The report also documents a significant number of financial and designated non-financial businesses and professions in Malaysia which have significant exposure to the group.

A New Forest Grab: The Mengen Integrated Agriculture Project

The second in a series of investigative reports into the misuse of Forest Clearing Authorities as a cover for a large-scale selective logging operations. This case study looks at the Mengen FCA in East New Britain Province.

Timber Legality Risk Assessment, 2023

The Timber Legality Risk Assessment finds a very high risk that almost all logging taking place in natural forest areas in Papua New Guinea is illegal. The assessment is based on a comprehensive review of all the available literature, including the reports of official government inquiries, court cases, international organisations and civil society groups.

Ten Years Without A Crop: The Wammy Rural Development Project

Investigative report into the Wammy Agriculture Project reveals how false promises of oil palm and rubber planting were used to obtain a Forest Clearing Authority (FCA) which has instead been used as a cover for a large-scale selective logging operation.

Lending to the Loggers: How the non-bank sector is financing forest destruction

Report on the non-bank lenders providing finance to the logging industry in Papua New Guinea.

Critical Analysis of Carbon Trading

Carbon trading is just one part of an international move to put a price on nature and make it part of the global economy. Unfortunately this will do nothing to slow global warning and represents yet another attempt by corporations to greenwash their image while continuing to destroy the planet.

The New Timber Barons: The companies logging the rainforests of Papua New Guinea

Research report reveals the ten groups of companies, all with strong links to Malaysia, responsible for nearly 70% of Papua New Guinea’s round log exports between 2019 and 2021.

Maximising Value: Can PNG finally end the export of unprocessed tropical logs?

Research paper looks at the history of government attempts to reduce the level of unprocessed round log exports and analyses whether current government policies to end log exports by 2025 are likely to be successful.

The Money Behind the Chainsaws

Report reveals how commercial banks operating in Papua New Guinea have supported the destructive logging of tropical forests despite numerous reports exposing the legal, environmental and human rights abuses associated with the logging operations.

Letting the Raven Fly: The failure to convict leaders charged with corruption offences.

Research study by ACT NOW that finds despite the high reported prevalence of corruption, only a very small number of officials are being charged with corruption related offences and, over the past two years (2019/20), of 28 people charged none have been convicted or imprisoned.