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Goi Bal is working hard to build an aid post for his community from his own funds

By Rachel Shisei from Bismarck Ramu Group

Goi Bal is just a driver who helps his people to travel from Jimi to Banz in the Jiwaka Province, to access the basic services. His transportation service is much valued by the people of Jimi but to him, that doesn't solve anything, especially when it comes to accessing and getting medical help in time to save the innocent lives.

We have got it wrong

By the Critic

Another story about our wrong model of development

Everyday I meet interesting people.

Two months ago, it was  a doctor - the Director of Medical Services at a provincial hospital. During our discussion, he  said  we – the PNG government – are putting money into areas that won’t improve the nation’s health.

A letter to Julia Gillard

By Trevor Freestone

Dear Julia,

I have attempted to draw attention to the serious situation in Papua New Guinea to Kevin Rudd as Foreign Affairs Minister and Tony Abbott as Leader of the Opposition. Their staff thank me for my communication and things end there.

The situation is so serious that Australia needs to become aware of what is happening and develop a plan that will be of benefit both to Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Where has all the money gone?

Editorial: Post Courier

The 11th Mining and Petroleum Conference in Sydney, Australia kicked off on Monday. In a packed room, PNG’s Oil Search Limited, a major partner in the LNG project, shocked the experts and government officials including ministers from both countries, by revealing it has paid a whopping K11.931 billion in oil benefits between 1992 and 2009.