When we take action together we can have a massive impact - so never doubt the importance of making your voice heard. As proof of this ACT NOW! supporters have played a vital role in a number of very significant campaign victories.

March 2012: SABL CoI wraps ups hearings

The Commission of Inquiry into the SABL land grab has concluded its hearings. The land grab saw control of more than 5 million hectares of land seized from customary landholders.

ACT NOW! has been an important part of the community campaign against the land grab which resulted in the Commission of Inquiry being established. ACT NOW! supporters have sent over 5,000 emails to the Prime Minister on this issue.

May 2012: Marengo mining dumps marine tailings plan

Marengo Mining has publicly confirmed that it has dumped plans to use the ocean as a sewer for its processing waste from the planned Yandera copper mine in Madang.

ACT NOW! has been pressuring the company not to follow the example of the Chinese owned Ramu nickel mine in using marine waste dumping.  

Marengo has announced it will instead use a land-based tailings system.

The announcement is a major victory for indigenous people living along the Madang coast who have been battling against the planned dumping from both the Yandera and Ramu mines.

August 2011: Super hospital plans dumped

The government has announced it will not be pursuing plans for a controversial publicly funded "Super Hospital" in Port Moresby. The hospital was to provide private beds for the wealthy while most Papua New Guineans lack access to even the most basic health services.  

ACT NOW! had actively campaigned against the plans for the hospital on its website and independent blogs.


July 2011: Ramu mine waste dumping unconstitutional

The National Court in PNG has accepted arguments that the marine dumping of toxic waste from the Ramu nickel mine will breach PNG's Constitution and constitute both a public and a private nuisance.

ACT NOW! has been campaigning against the marine dumping of mine waste in PNG and in October 2010 over 500 ACT NOW! supporters participated in an email action against Highlands Pacific, part owners of the Ramu mine.

Although the National Court refused to permanently restrain the marine dumping that decision is now being appealed to the Supreme Court. 


June 2011: 'Maladina' amendments not passed

The Somare led government has failed to completed the passage of the 'Maladina amendments' through its last session of parliament before losing power. The Bill would have diminished the power of the Ombudsman Commission and reduced transparency.

ACT NOW! actively campaigned against the amendments, lobbied key MPs and helped convince the Opposition to reverse their support for the changes.


May 2011: Land grab Commission of Inquiry

The government has announced a Commission of Inquiry into Papua New Guinea's land grab which has seen over 5 million hectares of land taken away from indigenous people under fraudulent agriculture leases.

ACT NOW! has been an important part of the community campaign against the land grab and ACT NOW! supporters have sent over 250 emails to the Prime Minister on this issue.