Police barracks condemned but who is to blame?

One hundred police and their families have been left homeless in Lae after health authorities declared the Bumbu police barracks unfit for human habitation.

In an inspection carried out on Tuesday it was found the houses were infested with termites, there was a serious sewerage overflow and no power or water supplies. 

It is reported that the houses have received no major maintenance since they were constructed in the 1960's and two homes recently collapsed on top of sleeping families. 

On the same day that the barracks were closed and the families left homeless, 25 prisoners escaped from the Lae city police cells.

How can we expect our police to maintain law and order on the streets when they and their families are homeless?

And how can our government justifying spending over K100 million on a new government jet when 100 police families have been living in squalor?





Public Service Minister Peter O'Neill was in the newspaper yesterday laying the blame on Public Servants in the Finance Department who he says have failed to release funds approved by the government for new police housing in Lae. But aren't Minister's responsible for their Departments. If the Finance Department isn't doing its job it is the Minister who should sort it out. Stop pointing at others Mr O'Neill, it is this government that is incompetent!

He has appointed John Kali the same person who allegedlymanaged a public service housing scheme and failed and where did the money go.

Money is ther, get it and they should furnish the Bumbu police barracks.

Why spend 3 million kina to hunt down one single criminal, and buy or hire expensive Toyota land cruisers, when a simple 100 000 kina could not be spent to fix the very house police men will live and work to catch the 3million kina common criminal.

Priorities are gone wrong.

Lets change for the better. I believ there are many people out there who are good and wnat things ot change. Lets act