Parliament should reverse environmental law amendments

12 November, 2010

The ACT NOW! community is calling on the PNG Parliament, when it resumes next week, to reverse its controversial amendments to the Environment Act.

The amendments, passed by Parliament in May, removed landowner’s rights to be consulted and approve activities on their land in certain circumstances. They also denied any right to challenge those decisions through the courts and gave immunity to foreign companies from liability for environmental damage.

“The amendments are clearly not in the best interests of the people and were passed in very suspicious circumstances, with no prior disclosure, consultation or debate,” says Effrey Dademo, ACT NOW! Program Manager.

ACT NOW! has collected more than 15,000 signatures on a petition calling for the amendments to be reversed.

“Parliament needs to listen to the people of PNG and must remember that it is the people that it represents”, says Ms Dademo.

“Parliament must not allow itself to be manipulated and used by outside interests as has happened with these amendments”.

For further information and comment contact Effrey Dademo on 7689 5266 and at