ACT NOW! calls on Opposition MPs to state their position on SABL

11 May 2011

Community advocacy group, ACT NOW! is calling on all opposition MPs to publicly state their position on the Commission of Inquiry into Special Agriculture and Business Leases.

"We have heard from the leader of the Opposition, Belden Namah, that he opposes the inquiry'," says ACT NOW! Program Manager, Effrey Dademo, "but do leading opposition MPs like Sam Basil, Mekere Morauta, Bart Philemon and Jamie Maxton-Grahem support that position?".

ACT NOW! says there has been widespread community anger about the SABL land grab and civil society has welcomed the Acting Prime Minister's announcement of a Commission of Inquiry.

"This is an issue about good governance. It is about our model of development. It is about defending our Constitution and customary land rights", says Effrey Dademo.

ACT NOW! says the leader of the Opposition is misleading the public by wrongly claiming that existing leases have been suspended when the Prime Minister has only suspended the issuing of new leases.

"It is common knowledge that Mr Namah is closely associated with the Bewani SABL. If he has a conflict of interest he should make that clear when he speaks on this issue", says Effrey Dademo.

"But the public also needs to hear from other senior opposition figures on this issue; MPs who have previously taken a stand on corruption and defended the rights of ordinary people. Do they oppose a Commission of Inquiry?".

For further information and comment contact Effrey Dademo on (675) 7689 5266