New Ministers called on to confirm
 SABLs cancelled, logging stopped 
and police withdrawn

The newly sworn in Minister for Forests, Douglas Tomuriesa, the new Minister for Lands, Justin Tkatchenko, and new Police Minister, Jelta Wong, are being called on to confirm the cancellation of all SABL leases.

“We congratulate the new Minister’s on their appointments, but we are urging them to immediately address the SABL issue which has been plaguing our country for far too long”, says Eddie Tanago, Campaign Coordinator for the community advocacy group ACT NOW!

“In March, the Prime Minister publicly declared all SABL leases unlawful and their cancellation was publicly confirmed by the Minister for Lands in April. Both men said any leaseholders remaining on SABL land were there illegally. 

“However, we are receiving reports from around the country that foreign companies are still occupying SABL land, that logging and oil palm operations are still ongoing and police are intimidating and harassing the lawful landowners”.

“We are calling on the new Ministers to confirm all the SABL leases have been cancelled, all SABL logging operations stopped and all police personnel withdrawn from the SABL areas".

For more information contact:
Eddie Tanago     + (675) 7629 6570