Someone must be held accountable for SABL failings

Someone must be held accountable for the failure to cancel unlawful SABL leases, says community advocacy group, ACT NOW!

“The Prime Minister has publicly blamed the Department of Lands for failing to cancel the leases, but unless people are made accountable, nothing is going to change” says Program Manager, Effrey Dademo.

The NEC decision cancelling the leases was made in June 2014, but since then not one lease has been revoked by the Department of Lands.

“The Prime Minister has stated very clearly the leases are illegal, and says he and the NEC have done everything they can to cancel the leases, but that is simply not the case”, says Ms Dademo.

“If the Lands Minister is failing to implement government decisions he should be suspended or sacked. If he is blaming officers within his department then they must be disciplined and removed”.

“If there is no accountability, then nothing is ever going to change, the leases will not be cancelled and the suffering and misery for rural communities will continue”. 

ACT NOW! says the the next move has to come from the Prime Minister, the buck stops with him!