Media told to report on Environment and Forest Crime

Post Courier II 3rd MAY 2024

The Media Council of Papua New Guinea (MCPNG) is calling on it’s membership in the mainstream media sector of the country, to increase their coverage of environmental issues, to look past the developmental benefits of our natural resources and also shine light on government entities charged with the responsibility as gatekeepers of our country’s natural resources.

MCPNG President, Neville Choi said this in commemoration of World Press Freedom Day today. 

The global theme for this year’s World Press Freedom Day is dedicated to the importance of journalism in the context of the current global environmental crisis. 

Mr Choi said Papua New Guinea is home to the third largest forest resource in the world and continues to receive increased recognition because of it’s abundant natural assets. 

With this increased focus, the media and journalists in the country will play an important role in ensuring that our environment assets are managed sustainably. 

“There are many aspects of our forestry, agriculture and other land use sector which have to be highlighted and reported on to ensure that our environment products are harvested, processed and exported in a manageable and sustainable manner. 

“This is where the media will be directly involved to ensure that processes in relation to the granting of logging permits, all the way through to the operations and exporting of forest assets are not abused in any way, “ Mr Choi said. 

More focus is also needed on the very real impacts of Climate Change in the country. 

“Our people live on the land and are intimately connected to our environments. Our traditional cultures are also being impacted by climate change, which is seeing adverse changes in the way our people live today. 

“Informing and education our people on how to deal with these impacts, will enable them to live with them in a more sustainable way,” Mr Choi said.