NGO says Australian summit 'disappointment'

Source: Radio New Zealand

A Papua New Guinea NGO says a large rainforest summit in Australia failed to discuss the urgent threats facing PNG rainforests.

Act Now's comment follows an Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit in Sydney this month, which was hosted by the Australian Government.

A spokesperson for the NGO, Eddie Paine, who attended the summit, says the meeting was a complete disappointment from a Pacific perspective.

He says there were no Pacific Island speakers and the issue of illegal logging in PNG was not discussed.

"It is really suprising that Australia does not show any concern for the loss of forest that is currently happening in PNG, even though it is very alarming at the rate it is going, but nothing has been mentioned, nothing has been talked about and not only PNG but generally the Pacific Islands."

Eddie Paine says Australia is doing little to address underlying issues in PNG because it is also the largest beneficiary of PNG's corruption and illegal logging.