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The PACIFIC HISTORY they dont teach at school

The PACIFIC HISTORY they dont teach at school DVD out now!

Learn about the great Polynesian NAVIGATORS who were in America hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus. Learn about the lost written language of Polynesia, The RONGORONGO SCRIPT. Learn about the Polynesians who were traded as slaves In Australia. Learn about the famous LESA Court Case where the Privy Council, the highest Court in the Commonwealth, made ALL Samoans born IN Samoa New Zealand citizens! Learn about the Genocide of our Pacific Brothers and Sisters in West Papua and much more!

Stop the illegal logging

Your help is urgently needed by indigenous communities in Papua New Guinea who are seeing their forests illegally destroyed by foreign-owned logging companies.

These companies are stealing logs, destroying the valuable forest environments communities rely on for their subsistence and subjecting local people to violence and abuse.

The John Roka Memorial School

Words and Pictures by Nathan Matbob

John Roka was a loving father who did not think twice about his own life when he traveled back to be with his family during the peak time of the ten year crisis in 1993.  John, from Bali in West New Britain Province, married Theresa Pokamari from Enamira in Panguna, Central Bougainville in 1977. And both with their children lived in the mining town of Arawa. Stories from people who knew John personally often articulate John of a person who never held back anything; he was a very generous man.  

Office to weed out corruption in PNG

Source: Post Courier

THE Interim Office Against Corruption (IOAC), which was established by the government recently, would carry out investigative work to weed out corruption in the country.

Chairman of IOAC and former Judge Graham Elis said the IOAC intends to issue media releases every two weeks on its activities.

He said in a statement yesterday that the media releases would help inform the people of PNG and promote the goals of accountability and transparency that are the hallmarks of good governance.

Only on Bougainville: A rather large sour treat

Panguna may have had the largest copper mine in the word back then, but it may now have the largest lemons. If you have the taste buds for lemon, then Panguna has more than a mouthful for you. On an afternoon spin up in the mountains of Panguna in Central Bougainville, the author came across what looks more than the conventional size lemon. As the picture below illustrates, the lemon is extraordinarily large. This lemon was able to fill more than one cup and sure enough there was more than enough lemonade that Sunday afternoon.

Minister Maru assists landowners to stop illegal logging and palm oil developer

By Jimmy Kalebe, Communications Officer, Turubu Eco-Forestry Inc.

Minister for Trade and Industry and Member for Yangoru-Sausia, Mr Richard Maru on Wednesday night gave Turubu Landowners the green light to use the services of Mobile Squad 04, from Port Moresby to stop certain members of the local police that are interfering with compliance to a National Court Order by the Palm Oil developer illegally operating in Special Agriculture Business Lease (SABL) area Portion 144C, East Sepik Province.