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Panguna reopening not in the interest of the people

By Dansi Oerupeu

Contrary to authority’s claim of common support, the opposition against the Panguna Mine reopening is more apparent then ever. People in Panguna, especially the women folk, who have been subtly crying against the move, are now coming out strongly and using stringent measures to stop any attempt by ABG, PLA or BCL to reopen the mine.

Panguna mine, the epicenter of continual dispute. Picture by Dansi Oerupeu

Current political crisis has roots in imposed system of government

Sir John Guise warned Australia thirty years ago that a Westminster style of government was not suitable for Papua New Guinea and that instability would result if Australia went ahead and imposed its will on PNG.

In a remarkable television interview that can be watched below, Guise warned that having a strong centralized power as Canberra wanted and eventually imposed would lead to abuse, exactly as we are seeing now with the Prime Minister able to manipulate events to suit his own personal interests.

United Nationa Report puts SABL land grab and illegal logging in a global context

A new report from the United Nations highlights the global cost of the illegal exploitation of natural resources and its role in preventing sustainable development for the world's poorest people.

Titled 'The Environmental Crime Crisis' the report estimates the illegal trade on natural resources is worth between US$70 and US$213 billion a year.

Politicians need to stay out of anti corruption inquiries

The people of PNG will remain skeptical about any anti-corruption bodies or investigations as long as they see politicians interfering in due process and trying to avoid legitimate questions.

Whether it is Task Force Sweep or an Interim Office Against Corruption politicians need to stay out and not use their high office and ready access to lawyers and the courts to manipulate the system.

When invited for questioning, arrested or charged, ordinary Papua New Guinean's cannot use the courts to try and avoid answering to normal police and court processes.

PNG landowners will get their their land back this week says lands dep

Hundreds of thousands of traditional landowners in Papua New Guinea will get their land back this week.

Source: Radio Australia

A Commission of Inquiry into Special Agricultural and Business Leases, or SABLs, found widespread corruption and mismanagement in the government departments tasked with protecting landowners.

The land scandal saw millions of hectares of land leased without the permission of customary owners and the 99-year leases made no provision for rent.

SABL land grab: O'Neill puts the fox in charge of the hen house

Source: PNGexposed blog

Lands Department Secretary Romily Kila Pat has has his dirty thieving hands all over the SABL land grab scandal – as we detail below.

But this is the man Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is entrusting with the job of revoking the illegal leases!

This is a complete joke and it shows just how shallow the Prime Minister’s commitment is to dealing with the SABL land grab.

Dept starts to cancel SABLs

Source: The National

THE Department of Lands and Physical Planning has started the process of cancelling 25 Special Agriculture Business Leases identified by the Commission of Inquiry reports.

Department secretary Romilly Kila-Pat has directed the Registrar of Titles to immediately start work on revoking the leases.

Kila-Pat told reporters that a special SABL taskforce would be appointed by the ministerial committee on SABL.